Friday's Activities

Feb 10, 2017

Well, the last day of this trip will be the beginning of a new effort and movement to stop tyranny in America and to help fellow Americans victimized by our bureaucratic Gestapo.

On Friday I reviewed the week's events in DC and NY with the Patriots of the Power Hour (Joyce Riley) and then right after that show with The Liberty Round Table (Sam Bushman). Then I hurried to a meeting I had with Tom Jackman, a reporter for The Washington Post. That was probably the best and most productive meeting of the entire week, except maybe the meeting I had with Congressman Biggs. The Post seemed genuinely touched by the horrible stories I shared with them. Jackman even looked several of them up on the internet.

Then I walked around the corner to do an interview, TV and radio, with Thom Hartman. He's a real liberal, but he's an honest and good man and I totally respect him. The last words out of his mouth were, "Free Sam Girod!"

We echo those words for Sam Girod and all of the other victims across this great land. Truly, it is up to us to make America great again! This lofty goal will never be achieved if we allow our innocent neighbors to remain in prison.

Sh Mack