My first visit was to Trump Tower

Feb 9, 2017

Well, a huge problem happened to me on my "way to the forum" (NYC to be exact) and it was Mother Nature. She made my trip to the Big Apple almost impossible and with very little results. On Thursday the 9th, NYC was hit with a deadly blizzard that shut down schools, businesses, and transportation (except taxis, thank goodness).

My first visit was to Trump Tower where I weaved my way through SWAT Teams, Secret Service, and several other layers of hotel and private security. At the end of all this, I was told I could not even go up the elevator without having an appointment or someone else calling the Trump family or staff to pave the way for me to even make it to the Trump receptionist. So, Sam and I got busy calling our Trump contacts to see if anyone could make such a call. No luck!

I left a little discouraged; to be so close and yet so far away. My spirit was further dampened by the fierce wind and snow in my face waiting out in the NY streets for a cab.

I next went to FOX News and tried to get my contacts there to help me arrange some interviews with reporters I have done them with in the past. Again, no luck. Most of them did not even make it to work that day.

So I headed over to the New York Times Office to see a reporter who had done a story about me and "Constitutional Sheriffs" in 2010. He actually came to a speaking event I did in Idaho. But, the snow blocked that meeting from happening as well.

Some doors did open in NY, but only momentarily. There will be some follow up after I get home. And yes, I will be back!