Today's Sheriff DC Report

Feb 8, 2017

My first appointment today was at 8:30 a m with Congressman Louis Gohmert from Texas. He was very sympathetic to our cause and the victims we are fighting for. He left our meeting to go to a Heritage Foundation retreat in NY to discuss legislative mutual concerns. I believe Rep Gohmert will help us. He is definitely on our side.

Then I met with Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ) and we tried to schedule an appt. We could not connect today, but we will.

Then I went to my miraculous appt. with Senator Schumer's staff at 11:00. At 11:25 I was turned away with a huge apology that "Rodney" had to get to the U S Capitol to help the Senator with his Senate speech against Jeff Sessions becoming the Atty General. So, I left disappointed and frustrated, but still on good terms with his front office staff. They were very nice the entire time.

I went by several other congressional offices, including Bishop (UT), Chaffetz (UT), and Messie (KY) and Amash (MI). All were out of the office as the House of Reps ended their session today. The staff of each were great!

Then at 2:15 I met with Congressman Andy Biggs, who just happens to be Rick's good friend and my Representative. He's a good man! His response to what we are doing was the best of anyone I met with this week.

I am now in NYC, attempting to see some key media people and trying to make some more miracles happen. BTW: NY is having one of its worst snow storms in several years. Your prayers are very much appreciated. I'll be back in DC tomorrow night or early Friday morning. We have some big media meetings lined up as well.

Sheriff Mack