A Sad Day For America!

Jun 30, 2017

On this day, Federal District Judge Danny Reeves, sentenced Amish farmer Samuel Girod to 72 months in prison for "not registering with the FDA" and for engaging in "interstate commerce" without a license. The most egregious reasons for this harsh and ruthless sentencing by this tyrant of a judge was that "the defendant has not given me any reason not to impose the recommended sentencing guidelines."

In other words, Girod did not bow and kiss the king's ring. Girod did not act remorseful and did not apologize. Thus, the judge determined to teach him a lesson and send a message to all Amish farmers; do what the bureaucrats command or go to jail!

I was in tears as I apologized after the hearing to the Girod family, Sam's father, his wife, and his children. On behalf of "We the People" I profoundly apologized for this horrible injustice! I also asked the crowd and reporters, "Where is Rand Paul?"

The judge basically admitted that he rendered the sentence because of Girod's lack of humility and poor attitude. The Judge is supposed to promote justice and be fair, the mental state of the defendant notwithstanding! Furthermore, it is the primary duty of all government officials to prevent all injustices. This judge and the prosecutors did just the opposite. They created injustice and manufactured a criminal.

So the people of America can rest easier now that this "dangerous" Amish farmer is now in prison for the next 6 years! This is how the FDA proves we should abolish this out of control agency! Please President Trump, get involved and grant this good man executive clemency.

Drain this bureaucratic nightmarish swamp!

Sh Mack