Rally Invite Sam Girod June 30th, 2017

Jun 22, 2017

For Immediate Release

To: All Local and National Media Outlets

From: CSPOA/The Freedom Coalition

www.cspoa.org www.thefreedomcoalition.com

Date: June 22, 2017

Contact: Sh Richard Mack 928-432-1879, or Sam Bushman 801-756-9133

Please be advised that we are inviting all Americans to attend a rally of support for Amish Farmer Sam Girod, who is being sentenced on June 30, 2017, at the Federal Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky. If you are unable to attend, please send a respectful letter on Sam's behalf to:

Honorable Danny C. Reeves

U.S. District Judge

U.S. District Court

101 Barr Street

Lexington, Ky 40507

We will meet outside the courthouse at 9 a m and then attend the sentencing at 10 a m. We are asking Judge Reeves to do the right thing and release this good man, Sam Girod, to his family. No American should go to prison for making a salve out of chickweed.

We implore all our leaders in Kentucky and in Washington DC, along with Judge Reeves, to do all they can to return America to principles of liberty upon which we were founded. An Amish farmer going to prison is a national outrage and a horrible miscarriage of justice. We will continue to work and pray for Sam Girod to be free.