Tuesday DC Update

Mar 21, 2017

Another day in DC and this time, some major steps forward. I went in more Senate and Congressional offices today (3-21-17) including the office of Senator Rand Paul. One of the front desk clerks remembered me from last time three weeks ago. I was very firm in my communication with them in addressing the fact that Senator Paul has a constituent in prison who happens to be an innocent Amish farmer. I told the three staff members that those of us on the Freedom Coalition plan to conduct press conferences and national interviews, knowing full well that we will be asked what Kentucky Senators are doing to free Sam Girod. I added that we want to know Senator Paul's official stand on helping Sam Girod and what he is going to do.

Well, about an hour after I left his office Senator Paul's Legislative Counsel (Atty) called me and emailed me and we talked at length again today. The bottom line is Senator Paul is with us on helping Sam and wants to work with us to achieve a Presidential Pardon for him. We are doing some research regarding the protocol for submitting a request to the President for an official pardon.

I met with other activists from Maryland who are totally on board with what we are doing. They said the "freedom movement" needs a "shot in the arm" and that this Freedom Coalition might just be what the Doctor ordered.

Whether it is or not, we are going to keep fighting! Thanks to all of you for your support!