Meetings in DC Today

Mar 20, 2017

Today I arrived in DC after some long hard work finally paid off from some of our members, namely Curt and Sam, who arranged a vital meeting for me with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. (If there was ever a cause or time for "Oversight and Gov't Reform" it is this cause of freeing innocents and it is, now!

On my "Red Eye" flight from Phoenix I ran into an old friend and AZ Congressman, Trent Franks. He and I spent some valuable time discussing our Freedom Coalition work and his possible involvement to help us. We concluded with his invitation for me to stop by his office today, which I actually did twice.

I stopped by KY Congressman Brett Guthrie's office and spoke to his staff about helping us with the horrible injustice that had befallen one of his fellow Kentuckians, Sam Girod. I left the TFC letter and the letter to President Trump from KS Governor Brownback. I also did the same in several other congressional offices. Then I met once again with Andy Biggs, my congressman, and then finally Congressman Chaffetz. This meeting with him went very well! I believe that Chaffetz, Biggs, and Franks are totally on board and will do something to get this cause in front of President Trump!

The staff for all three were fantastic!

More tomorrow! We are making headway!

Sheriff Mack