Ted Nugent and Sheriff Mack identify the greatest crime in America!

Aug 1, 2017

Roger Stone Calls for Cliven Bundy Pardon

Jul 16, 2017

I call on President Trump to pardon Cliven Bundy and his supporters in the name of Justice and mercy at a rally in Las Vegas


-Roger Stone

A Sad Day For America!

Jun 30, 2017

On this day, Federal District Judge Danny Reeves, sentenced Amish farmer Samuel Girod to 72 months in prison for "not registering with the FDA" and for engaging in "interstate commerce" without a license. The most egregious reasons for this harsh and ruthless sentencing by this tyrant of a judge was that "the defendant has not given me any reason not to impose the recommended sentencing guidelines."

In other words, Girod did not bow and kiss the king's ring. Girod did not act remorseful and did not apologize. Thus, the judge determined to teach him a lesson and send a message to all Amish farmers; do what the bureaucrats command or go to jail!

I was in tears as I apologized after the hearing to the Girod family, Sam's father, his wife, and his children. On behalf of "We the People" I profoundly apologized for this horrible injustice! I also asked the crowd and reporters, "Where is Rand Paul?"

The judge basically admitted that he rendered the sentence because of Girod's lack of humility and poor attitude. The Judge is supposed to promote justice and be fair, the mental state of the defendant notwithstanding! Furthermore, it is the primary duty of all government officials to prevent all injustices. This judge and the prosecutors did just the opposite. They created injustice and manufactured a criminal.

So the people of America can rest easier now that this "dangerous" Amish farmer is now in prison for the next 6 years! This is how the FDA proves we should abolish this out of control agency! Please President Trump, get involved and grant this good man executive clemency.

Drain this bureaucratic nightmarish swamp!

Sh Mack

Rally Invite Sam Girod June 30th, 2017

Jun 22, 2017

For Immediate Release

To: All Local and National Media Outlets

From: CSPOA/The Freedom Coalition

www.cspoa.org www.thefreedomcoalition.com

Date: June 22, 2017

Contact: Sh Richard Mack 928-432-1879, or Sam Bushman 801-756-9133

Please be advised that we are inviting all Americans to attend a rally of support for Amish Farmer Sam Girod, who is being sentenced on June 30, 2017, at the Federal Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky. If you are unable to attend, please send a respectful letter on Sam's behalf to:

Honorable Danny C. Reeves

U.S. District Judge

U.S. District Court

101 Barr Street

Lexington, Ky 40507

We will meet outside the courthouse at 9 a m and then attend the sentencing at 10 a m. We are asking Judge Reeves to do the right thing and release this good man, Sam Girod, to his family. No American should go to prison for making a salve out of chickweed.

We implore all our leaders in Kentucky and in Washington DC, along with Judge Reeves, to do all they can to return America to principles of liberty upon which we were founded. An Amish farmer going to prison is a national outrage and a horrible miscarriage of justice. We will continue to work and pray for Sam Girod to be free.

CSPOA Investigates Ammon Bundy Incarceration Conditions

May 27, 2017

During the past few weeks the CSPOA has been receiving numerous calls and emails regarding some complaints made by Ammon Bundy that he was abused and tortured by correction officials at the Nevada Southern Detention Center (NSDC) in Pahrump, NV. The incident in question occurred on 5-2-17 at approximately 2230 hours.

Two of us from the CSPOA, former Sheriff Richard Mack and CSPOA VP and retired Mesa Police Officer Rick Dalton, traveled to Pahrump and met with Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly at her office at 0900 on May 20, 2017. Sheriff Wehrly shared with us the results of a criminal investigation conducted by her office regarding the accusations aired by inmate A. Bundy against the detention facility in which he is incarcerated. The review conducted by Dalton and me included written reports, an audio interview between Bundy and Sgt M. Eisenloffel (NCSO) and videos obtained by the NCSO from the NSDC.

After reviewing all this evidence for approx 4 hours, Sheriff Wehrly contacted the NSDC Warden and set up a meeting with her to discuss us meeting in person with A. Bundy. We then went to the NSDC and met in person with A. Bundy for about 35 minutes. The NSDC Warden and other personnel were very open and cooperative. They did not have to allow us a visitation with Bundy, but they bent over backwards to accommodate us.

Furthermore, Sheriff Wehrly was very cooperative and she likewise had no obligation to share her reports and evidence with us whatsoever. More importantly, Sheriff Wehrly is one of only a few sheriffs in this country who has the guts and wherewithal to investigate all possible crimes committed within her county. She did her job in an exemplary manner and is a credit to her position as the CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) of Nye County, NV.

As Sgt. Eisenloffel told Bundy during their conversation, this was a criminal investigation, not a policy review of the NSDC. His intent was to discover if a crime had been committed, not whether policies were violated.

After our (CSPOA) review of the evidence and our interview with A. Bundy, we have determined that the Nye County Sheriff conducted a thorough and professional investigation and that no crime had been committed by NSDC employees. Yes, several mistakes by the NSDC staff were discovered, and those will be addressed by us with the NSDC Warden.

We believe that some of Bundy's complaints about being strip searched too often and being left handcuffed in the shower cell for about 13 hours, contain some validity. However, Bundy could have been removed from the shower cell at any time by complying with the facility policies, but he refused to do so. This entire incident began because A. Bundy violated a policy about "tenting," which is a term that refers to placing inmate clothing in a certain position to block the view of security cameras. Bundy was very familiar with the policy against "tenting.” When a guard removed the shirt that was blocking the camera, Ryan Bundy, Ammon's brother, grabbed the shirt away from the guard in a very abrupt manner. This "attack" alarmed the guard and he called for back up. Ryan was removed from this area and taken to a segregated unit. Later this same guard was asked if he wanted to press charges against Ryan Bundy and the guard said that he did not wish to. Ryan very easily could have been charged, but the guard chose not to do so.

After Ryan was removed, Ammon became agitated and demanded to see where his brother was taken. He also demanded to check on his brother's well-being. His request was denied and Ammon was ordered back to his bed. He refused. He was then removed from the sleeping barracks area into the hallway. He was ordered to submit to restraints, which Ammon also refused to do. Therefore, he was forcibly handcuffed. Ammon was now going to be moved to a segregated cell which now required a change of clothing, which is done to classify inmates by which areas of the prison they are assigned to.

The shower cell was where the guards placed Bundy in order for him to change clothes. Policies require inmates to put their cuffed hands through a slot in the door for officers to remove the cuffs so the inmate can change clothes. Ammon again refused to do this. He was left in the shower cell for about 13 hours, but was asked approximately every 20 minutes if he would comply with the order to put his hands in the slot to be un-handcuffed. Bundy refused each time. At the 13 hour mark the extraction team entered the cell and took Bundy's handcuffs off and stripped him for the clothing change. There was no resistance by Ammon to this procedure and the officers did not use excessive force.

I also made several suggestions to A. Bundy as to how he could get along inside this prison that will make his stay a little easier and less stressful. He said he would consider some of my suggestions, but most he said he would not consider.

Our CSPOA review had nothing to do with Bundy's case for which he was arrested. We do not believe he or any of his family should have been arrested for anything they did at their ranch in the Spring of 2014. Our only purpose was to determine if any intentional abuse or torture was perpetrated by the NSDC staff against A. Bundy pursuant to the incident in question on 5-2-17. This entire incident was extremely well videoed, documented, and logged. When Bundy was subdued after refusing to cooperate, he was taken to a medical professional where he refused medical treatment. Then he was placed in a shower stall with no leg restraints, but still handcuffed for 13 hours. He appeared to have no serious injury of any kind. He actually complained of sore wrists and sore shoulders. Bundy was constantly checked on and monitored by NSDC staff and offered the chance to comply with requests every fifteen minutes or so to have his handcuffs removed. He refused each time.

Again, mistakes were made by some of the NSDC staff, but in our estimation, no crimes were committed.

The CSPOA wants to commend Sheriff Wehrly for doing her job and serving the people in Nye County in such a fair and professional manner. Her actions, and those of her staff, have been exemplary. Furthermore, Sheriff Wehrly is a life member of the CSPOA and has attended our training.

Richard I. Mack

Rick Dalton

Rock Your Rights Rally and Fundraiser

May 13, 2017

On Saturday, May 13th, the Kansas Chamber of Liberty held a "Rock Your Rights" rally and fundraiser for Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler. (You can read their plight and the injustice committed against them at www.thefreedomcoalition.com) Guest speakers included Ted Nugent, GOA's Larry Pratt, Kris Kobach, the KS Secretary of State, and yours truly, Sheriff Mack. It was a beautiful day, and thank goodness for that, as the event was held outdoors at the Hog Holler Saloon in Ozwakie, KS.

I was able to speak personally with both Cox and Kettler and asked how they were able to make a living, now that the federal courts have declared both men to be felons for life. Let me remind all of you, this is just another example of federal bureaucrats creating criminals out of law abiding citizens. This is what happens when Congress takes no responsibility for the agencies they create! Both of these federal victims are struggling, as you can well imagine after a lengthy court battle and the subsequent conviction. Cox and Kettler are emotionally and financially drained. If any of you would like to donate to them you can do so at cspoa.org or thefreedomcoaltion.com. The CSPOA has donated to them already and will be sending more.

The highlight of the day was definitely "Uncle Ted" admonishing the crowd of nearly one thousand people, to get more involved in the freedom movement.

Nugent even ordered one and all to join CSPOA and Gun Owners of America. Yes, Ted Nugent is a Life Member of both organizations.

The event was a tremendous success! We encourage one and all to take Ted Nugent's admonitions to heart; get more involved in standing for liberty, join GOA and CSPOA, and donate to Cox and Kettler.

TFC Conference Call Update

May 11, 2017

On Thursday May 11th, we held another TFC conference call with about 30 people participating. We spoke of all the federal victims we are trying to free from federal crimes and abuses, with emphasis on Sam Girod. His son, August, gave us an update on his father's case. Sam has been in prison for over four months now and was awaiting sentencing on June 16th. Now that date has been postponed until June 30th.

We have heard from Sheriff Clarke this past week that he intends to help these victims, but he added that it must be done right. We agree and await his next call.

Progress is being made, but we need more workers and at least one person in Congress to help. So far we have none.

<a href=/blog-12-patriots'-day>Patriots' Day

Apr 21, 2017

On Patriots' Day, April 19, 2017, 242 years to the day after the First Shot Heard 'Round the World at Lexington, MA, a group of 45 people, still

yearning for liberty, met together on a conference call to discuss possible solutions for the victims listed on TheFreedomCoalition.com. Thirty different

States were represented, but the special guest for the night was Sam Girod's son, August. August updated us on his father's well-being and spirit. We all

are praying for Sam and his family and all the other victims of federal crimes.

Ed Zimmerman, one of the 45 people on the call, summarized the conversation quote: "That was a wonderful conference last night. We are working with the Amish and Mennonites. Thanks for all your efforts. We need to do more."

Yes, we do and that was the exact purpose of the call. We were encouraged that the past President of Campaign For Liberty was on the call, Norm Singleton.

We look forward to working with him. We are all going to do more!

It would be impossible to list all the names on the call, but suffice it to say, it consisted of many Patriots across this great nation! We have a lot of work to do.

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 10th.

-Sheriff Mack

Tuesday DC Update

Mar 21, 2017

Another day in DC and this time, some major steps forward. I went in more Senate and Congressional offices today (3-21-17) including the office of Senator Rand Paul. One of the front desk clerks remembered me from last time three weeks ago. I was very firm in my communication with them in addressing the fact that Senator Paul has a constituent in prison who happens to be an innocent Amish farmer. I told the three staff members that those of us on the Freedom Coalition plan to conduct press conferences and national interviews, knowing full well that we will be asked what Kentucky Senators are doing to free Sam Girod. I added that we want to know Senator Paul's official stand on helping Sam Girod and what he is going to do.

Well, about an hour after I left his office Senator Paul's Legislative Counsel (Atty) called me and emailed me and we talked at length again today. The bottom line is Senator Paul is with us on helping Sam and wants to work with us to achieve a Presidential Pardon for him. We are doing some research regarding the protocol for submitting a request to the President for an official pardon.

I met with other activists from Maryland who are totally on board with what we are doing. They said the "freedom movement" needs a "shot in the arm" and that this Freedom Coalition might just be what the Doctor ordered.

Whether it is or not, we are going to keep fighting! Thanks to all of you for your support!

Meetings in DC Today

Mar 20, 2017

Today I arrived in DC after some long hard work finally paid off from some of our members, namely Curt and Sam, who arranged a vital meeting for me with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. (If there was ever a cause or time for "Oversight and Gov't Reform" it is this cause of freeing innocents and it is, now!

On my "Red Eye" flight from Phoenix I ran into an old friend and AZ Congressman, Trent Franks. He and I spent some valuable time discussing our Freedom Coalition work and his possible involvement to help us. We concluded with his invitation for me to stop by his office today, which I actually did twice.

I stopped by KY Congressman Brett Guthrie's office and spoke to his staff about helping us with the horrible injustice that had befallen one of his fellow Kentuckians, Sam Girod. I left the TFC letter and the letter to President Trump from KS Governor Brownback. I also did the same in several other congressional offices. Then I met once again with Andy Biggs, my congressman, and then finally Congressman Chaffetz. This meeting with him went very well! I believe that Chaffetz, Biggs, and Franks are totally on board and will do something to get this cause in front of President Trump!

The staff for all three were fantastic!

More tomorrow! We are making headway!

Sheriff Mack

The Freedom Coalition announces “National Timeout Day” to free political prisoners in the US.

Mar 18, 2017

The Freedom Coalition (wwwthefreedomcoalition.com) is a nationwide group of professionals and average Americans who have united to call for the release of many people who are currently in prison or who have been victimized by federal bureaucracies for violating unlawful regulations and rules that have not been passed by congress. The original open letter to President Trump, Congress, the Attorney General, and other authorities, along with the list of Coalition members, which include congressmen, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and others, may be found on the Coalition website.

According to today’s official announcement of the National Timeout Day (attached),

The People of America are hereby calling for a National Timeout Day for April 1, 2017 (No Fooling!) a day when all politicians and the media, and all Americans stop talking about Russia, Health Care, Wiretapping, Tax Returns, Immigration, or which leader is lying, and focus on one issue; returning jailed innocent Americans to their families!!! “

The announcement also lists several of the people that need to be freed. One example is:

Sam Girod, an Amish farmer in Kentucky, has been fending off the FDA for five years. He was recently arrested and now sits in a federal prison. What was his crime? Sam Girod actually made a healing salve out of Chickweed and shared it with people in need. He was stripped from his family and now faces life in prison!

Donations to defray costs of lobbying Congress may be made on the website also.

<a href=/blog-8-dept.-of-education-breaks-down-stockton-man's-door>Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton man's door

Feb 15, 2017

Kenneth Wright had his home raided and ransacked in Stockton, CA by the Dept of Education SWAT Team, because his estranged wife failed to pay back her student loan. He did not go to prison, but was placed in a hot patrol cruiser for 6 hours while the SWAT team raided his home to “search for evidence.” This federal SWAT mentality (Dept of Ed.) has got to stop.

Civil Forfeiture: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Feb 13, 2017

Friday's Activities

Feb 10, 2017

Well, the last day of this trip will be the beginning of a new effort and movement to stop tyranny in America and to help fellow Americans victimized by our bureaucratic Gestapo.

On Friday I reviewed the week's events in DC and NY with the Patriots of the Power Hour (Joyce Riley) and then right after that show with The Liberty Round Table (Sam Bushman). Then I hurried to a meeting I had with Tom Jackman, a reporter for The Washington Post. That was probably the best and most productive meeting of the entire week, except maybe the meeting I had with Congressman Biggs. The Post seemed genuinely touched by the horrible stories I shared with them. Jackman even looked several of them up on the internet.

Then I walked around the corner to do an interview, TV and radio, with Thom Hartman. He's a real liberal, but he's an honest and good man and I totally respect him. The last words out of his mouth were, "Free Sam Girod!"

We echo those words for Sam Girod and all of the other victims across this great land. Truly, it is up to us to make America great again! This lofty goal will never be achieved if we allow our innocent neighbors to remain in prison.

Sh Mack

My first visit was to Trump Tower

Feb 9, 2017

Well, a huge problem happened to me on my "way to the forum" (NYC to be exact) and it was Mother Nature. She made my trip to the Big Apple almost impossible and with very little results. On Thursday the 9th, NYC was hit with a deadly blizzard that shut down schools, businesses, and transportation (except taxis, thank goodness).

My first visit was to Trump Tower where I weaved my way through SWAT Teams, Secret Service, and several other layers of hotel and private security. At the end of all this, I was told I could not even go up the elevator without having an appointment or someone else calling the Trump family or staff to pave the way for me to even make it to the Trump receptionist. So, Sam and I got busy calling our Trump contacts to see if anyone could make such a call. No luck!

I left a little discouraged; to be so close and yet so far away. My spirit was further dampened by the fierce wind and snow in my face waiting out in the NY streets for a cab.

I next went to FOX News and tried to get my contacts there to help me arrange some interviews with reporters I have done them with in the past. Again, no luck. Most of them did not even make it to work that day.

So I headed over to the New York Times Office to see a reporter who had done a story about me and "Constitutional Sheriffs" in 2010. He actually came to a speaking event I did in Idaho. But, the snow blocked that meeting from happening as well.

Some doors did open in NY, but only momentarily. There will be some follow up after I get home. And yes, I will be back!

Today's Sheriff DC Report

Feb 8, 2017

My first appointment today was at 8:30 a m with Congressman Louis Gohmert from Texas. He was very sympathetic to our cause and the victims we are fighting for. He left our meeting to go to a Heritage Foundation retreat in NY to discuss legislative mutual concerns. I believe Rep Gohmert will help us. He is definitely on our side.

Then I met with Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ) and we tried to schedule an appt. We could not connect today, but we will.

Then I went to my miraculous appt. with Senator Schumer's staff at 11:00. At 11:25 I was turned away with a huge apology that "Rodney" had to get to the U S Capitol to help the Senator with his Senate speech against Jeff Sessions becoming the Atty General. So, I left disappointed and frustrated, but still on good terms with his front office staff. They were very nice the entire time.

I went by several other congressional offices, including Bishop (UT), Chaffetz (UT), and Messie (KY) and Amash (MI). All were out of the office as the House of Reps ended their session today. The staff of each were great!

Then at 2:15 I met with Congressman Andy Biggs, who just happens to be Rick's good friend and my Representative. He's a good man! His response to what we are doing was the best of anyone I met with this week.

I am now in NYC, attempting to see some key media people and trying to make some more miracles happen. BTW: NY is having one of its worst snow storms in several years. Your prayers are very much appreciated. I'll be back in DC tomorrow night or early Friday morning. We have some big media meetings lined up as well.

Sheriff Mack

Sheriff Mack Goes to Washington!

Feb 7, 2017

The Senators whose offices I visited today include:

Sessions (AL), Shelby (AL), McCain (AZ), Flake (AZ), Roberts (KS), Moran (KS), McConnell (KY), Paul (KY), Daines (MT), Schumer (NY), Heitkamp (ND), Inhofe (OK), Alexander (TN), Cruz (TX), Lee (UT).

The only Senators I spoke with personally were Cruz and McCain. Cruz seemed very interested and added that he had a direct line to the Oval Office. McCain's was in passing, but said he looks forward to meeting with me.

The irony of this day is that of all the senator staffers that I met with the rudest was Jeff Sessions' and the most congenial was Schumer's. Furthering the irony, Schumer's staff was the only one to reply to me today and invited me in for a work session tomorrow! I actually reminded his receptionist that then Congressman Schumer (1995) and I debated on GMA with Paula Zahn regarding my fight against the Brady Bill. And now here he is inviting me back. Let this be a reminder to us all, that what we are doing here to free our neighbors is a non partisan crusade!

Then this evening I went to a reception of the National Sheriffs' Assoc. The NSA President and I had a good talk and we agreed to meet together tomorrow.

All in all it was a long day with very sore feet. (But worth every blister!)

Thanks for all of your support!

Sheriff Mack

Cox and Kettler Sentencing Update

Feb 6, 2017

It was cold and foggy Kansas morning, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits. About 75 people showed up outside the Federal Courthouse at 8am to show support for these two good men who had already been convicted of several felonies. (Maybe we need to focus on jury nullification classes a little more. But that's another subject for another day, even though it sure had bearing on this one.)

The crowd exchanged their thoughts about the potential of Cox and Kettler having to go to prison, though most of us believed that they would not do any time.

We were standing on the courthouse steps on the South side of the building at 401 Market St, as we readied to hear a few remarks from Sheriff Mack and KrisAnne Hall. At that moment a couple of federal agents came and got in our faces ordering us to stay off the "federal" steps and that standing on the steps was "trespassing."

Several of us objected to the ridiculous warning and one agent (security officer) yelled at me "you've been duly warned." I told him I did not appreciate being threatened and that I was a former sheriff." He said, "Then you should know better." I firmly replied, "You should know better because this is a 'peaceful assembly.'"

He stormed off.

At about 9:30 we all went into the courtroom of one Judge Martin. The room was quite packed with only a few seats empty. When the Judge came in he directed his comments to the large crowd. Then he lectured us for about 15 minutes about all the letters he had received from some of us and how he had tried to do the right thing in following the law as best he could through this entire trial. He rambled about following the Constitution, adhering to SCOTUS rulings, and obeying the "laws" of the Tenth Circuit "who grades his homework." This poor judge is so confused about principles of liberty and who in gov't has the duty to stand for them.

Well, the bottom line is that Cox and Kettler received no prison time and very small fines. However, they will be felons the rest of their lives and will lose many civil rights for life.

So the battle rages on; appeals are being prepared and executive clemency is being sought for them in Washington by Sheriff Mack. We will not stop until the right people who can do something to stop these injustices will actually do just that; Stop These Injustices!

Former Sheriff Richard Mack travels to Attend the Sentencing of Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler on Monday

Feb 2, 2017

United States of America v. Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler

The Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act, which passed in 2013, says firearms, accessories and ammunition manufactured and kept within the borders of Kansas are exempt from federal gun control laws.

The decision handed down by U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten allows federal firearms charges against Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler to stand. The ruling clears the way for their sentencing on Monday.

The case could reverberate across the country because it cites the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, pitting the federal government’s right to regulate firearms against the rights of states. The judge overseeing the case expects it ultimately to end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

At trial, defense attorneys contended their clients believed the Kansas law made their activities legal, arguing they are “caught in the crossfire” of the struggle between the state and the federal government over gun control.

This Lawsuit Could Shatter ALL Federal Gun Control Laws!